Are you ready for more?

Become the leader. Unleash your uniqueness. Attract your pack.


Unleash your Dark Femme

Become the leader. Unleash your uniqueness. Attract your pack.



You were given this wild soul,
not just to exist – but to shake up the world
turn it upside down
and show the difference
between breathing
and being fully alive.

It’s time to become everything
you were born to be

Are you ready to transform?

Welcome to


This is thecontainer for you if you are done with compromise. Enter a paradigm of living authentically, create magical offers that are out of this world, attract your soulmate pack with ease, and create all of the wealth you’ve ever dreamed of.

In this programme we have some simple goals

🌙  Get clear on your soul blueprint and what you are here to offer

🌙 Learn how to attract your soulmate clients

🌙 Learn how to create programmes that facilitate massive transformation

🌙  Become an Alpha in converting soulmate clients to filled up programmes

🌙 Ground into $5,000 -$10,000 months.

All by stepping into who it is that you are made to become. A leader.

An alpha. A wolf…


Manifesting the business of
your dreams

100% comes by you tapping into your wildness & your purpose. Inside Wolf you become 100% aligned, 100% unleashed, and will create from a place of NOT giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Free and non-attached to anyone else, but you and your purpose. You will become the leader of your pack that you were always meant to be.  Your success is not hidden outside of you. You will find it, by owning the wildest parts of you.

This is a perfect match if

You are a


This is a programme for the dedicated & for the committed. Who does the work and who’s only willing to recieve what she truly desires – look no further if you:

To be a wolf

🌙  You already have an established business

🌙 You have already attracted clients, but you want to attract more soulmate clients, that pay your price and LOVE to pay you

🌙 You are done with discounting your offers, and trying to cater to the lowest denominater in your audience

🌙  You desire to be able to hold space for premium clients and ask your true worth

🌙 You are already making $2000-$5000 months but want to scale to $10.000, $20.000 or $30.000 

🌙 You are committed to making that happen in 12 weeks 


By becomming

An alpha. A wolf…


You came

to change the life for generations to come

Your desire to create and be successful is going to heal the world by letting other women step into THEIR POWER.

Every woman that was told she was less than.
That her dreams didn’t matter…
That she was meant to not be more successful than her man because men are scared of strong women..

The fear implanted in your foremothers when her sisters were burned at the stake for being different. For standing out. For speaking her mind.

This is why you have a fear of being 100% authentic. 100% successful. The fear of being different. The fear of being hunted… Like wolves.

Because all of those things would have gotten you killed generations ago.

Her blood is still running in your veins.

This is why it is so scary to stand out.


To create the success you desire, you need to own that wildness inside of you, that you are still holding back. Do you feel the calling to break this fear and trauma within your lifeline to no longer carry this burden on to your daughters?

Then you are made to be a Wolf.

Powerful. Strong. Wild. And unapologetic.

Now is the dawn of a new era.
An era where women such as yourself are becoming unleashed, to have the life of her dreams. To live from her desires.

We are here to burn down the old paradigm of life.

Of business.

We are here to claim the wealth, the power and the freedom that has been kept from your foremothers and sisters.

You are not from the wealthy and prosperous lifeline…

But you WILL create one.

Are you ready to howl with the moon


The reason why you do not yet have the income goal that you desire is hidden in four aspects…

Your current IDENTITY is not a match to it

Your current beliefsystems is not a match to it

Your current businessstructure is not a match to it

Your current strategy approach is not a match to it

We need to restructure all of these, to be a match to higher income.. And this is how we do it.

Let the transformation begin


Grounding into you six figure self

Being a WOLF means being a leader, To have everything you have ever dreamed of, you must first become someone that is a complete match to that reality. 

Deprogram all of the thoughts that has ever sabotaged your expansion and step into being reborn as an Alpha.


Master your money mindset

Have you ever heard that being a fucking boss in business has so little to do with strategy and so much to do with mindset? Guess what, it’s true. 

In this module we rewrite your beliefs about money so that your inside beliefsystem can transform your outside ability to attract (and maintain) money flow.


Becoming a Magnetic Alpha

Creating offers that is a a match to your energy, for your soulmate pack. Mastering the energy behind creating offers that are in alignment with your next level self, and that is a match to the income you desire.


Unique brand positioning

Become who you have always meant to be. Know how to position yourself and your brand, so that your soulmate wolfpack knows that YOU are the leader of the pack to follow, to completely transform their lives.


Soulmate Pack Attraction

Attract your soulmate pack to you, that you were meant to lead into their transformation & how to create containers that ensure their results. We will support you in creating your sales content that will lead to sign ups faster than you can say WOOF.


Howling at the moon

If the strategy is the sprinkle on top of the ice cream, using your intuitive skills is the body of sweet, delicious creamy goodness. In this course you will learn how to use your intuitive powers to create the business (and life) of your dreams.

This is what is going to happen

By joining


✓ Learn how to build a seamless business that can earn you £10.000 on a monthly basis without hustle

✓ Deeply connect with your purpose on this planet, get 100% clear on what you are here to offer and be able to create offers that are so ripe and juicy to get unleashed onto this world

✓ Learn how to attract your soulmate pack that loves what you do and is attracted to working with you and love to pay you

✓ Feel completely free and unleashed from ever worrying if you are going to succeed in your business, but finally have the business wilder than your wildest dreams

✓ Create a business that feels fucking good, from a space of alignment, soul-purpose and finally step into the role of being the LEADER you were always meant to be.

✓ Be able to live from freedom, from desire, attract opportunities, experiences and love like never before.

✓ Feel like the truest, most embodied version of yourself.

Are you ready to howl with the moon


I am in integrity

& I hit £20.000 in less than a month.

Before working with Szoey, I was working part time. I wanted to live from it, but that wasn’t possible for me.. I didn’t make enough money for it to be sustainable without a side hustle. After working with Szoey, there is definitely more than enough. I now am working in integrity with my soul.

-Josefa Pedersen, Facilitator of Female Embodiment

Just do it

FROM £3,000 months to a £100,000 month - in 90 days!

If you are considering working with Szoey - DO IT. Do it if you are ready for Quantum Leaps, for a six figure business and to be the top shelf version of you - and everything you are dreaming of. working with Szoey I have created £100.000 just in my last launch – and even the months I am not launching I have about a recurring £12000 coming into my account.

-Amina Madsen-Stelter, manifestation Coach

It has changed me

My business has grown literally 300%.

I wasn’t earning what I wanted in my business, and I was working way too much... And within a month I had 3x my income.

You NEED to work with Szoey, if you want your financial breakthrough. She’s so unique. Can you believe going from £5000 to £35000 in just a single month? It has changed my life.

-Jeanette Elisabeth Ringgaard, Coach

You already know

If you are joining us for this journey

There is nothing I can say, or anyone else for that matter, to make you feel more encouraged,more sure, or more certain.

Shadow will come up and tell you 10,000 reasons why this is not the time, why it’s too big of an investment, how you should probably do this another time, when it’s a better fit, once you have made more money in your business.

To that I ask of you, to start leading from being a Wolf.

Being an Alpha.

Being strong.

Believing in your power.
I ask of you –
Do you desire to become EMBODIED now
Do you desire to have the results NOW.
Are you done with waiting to have your programmes filled out + attract your soulmate pack of clients who love to work with you

the ones who are ready to be led and ready to howl with the moon?

Is it a priority for you, to create £10k months, and would you rather learn from a Wolf who’s created a multiple six figure business out of nothing in less than a year,
than trying to figure it out for yourself, taking months or years to learn it?

Are you done with compromise and ready to get unleashed?

Then my love, I am welcoming you with open paws. Let’s get you unleashed.

This is going to be so much fun.

are you ready to howl at the moon,

create a business from your uniqueness and attract wealth like an Alpha? This is what you will receive on your 3 months journey in Wolf...

⟁ Weekly teachings for 12 weeks to teach you how to transform your reality and expand your business

⟁ Assignments and tests to keep you in flow and expand you to your highest level

⟁ Lifetime access to all of the teachings, videos, audios and workbooks you need in order for you to step into £10.000 months

⟁ Tapping into all of the teachings that has scaled my clients from $0 to multiple six figures in less than six month

These are the modules

that will transform your business

The shadow work intensive
Grounding into your six figure self 
  1. Intentions and desires
  2. Unleashing your full potential
  3. Being the Next Level You
  4. Expansion
Strategic Foundations 
  1. Next Level Marketing
  2. Intuitive & Heart Led Selling
  3. How to truly create success as a Spiritual Business
Five figure launching 
  1. Creating your magical offer
  2. Next level branding, marketing and lead gen
  3. Marketing questions to tap into
  4. Using your Psychic in your Business
  5. Sell with Heart and Soul

This is a soul led calling for you to gather with the pack of your dreams and allow the Wolf rise into the New Paradigm of living, of freedom, of wealth and of female empowerment.