Scale. Quantum leap &


Next level millionaire 

Where spiritual leaders go to create six figure months and seven figure years

This is the programme for you, if you are a spiritual female leader who’s here to set fire to the glass ceiling and lead with integrity & authenticity

Have you known forever that you were meant to do great things?

 Do you see yourself as the starseed in your industry, that is inevitably going to change people’s lifes?

Do you dream of having houses in more than one country, being a digital nomad, seeing the world and buying a house in cash?

Do you want to create a business and a world, where you don’t have to pick business over family?

Are you burning up with desire to share your wisdom and create a 7 figure business while doing it?

Are you on this planet with an important mission, to pave the way for a better future for ourselves and the next generations?

Are you here to change the world and 
create results that is out of this world?

Then you are ready for


Your fire is turned on for more..

You know that you are going to hit those six figure months. You have probably hit one or two already, but you are ready for more.

You know you are going to hit that seven figure year.

You know that what you are here to do is pure magic.
You know that you are made to do big things.
Bigger things.

You have known this, since you were little. That feeling of being something so special (and you were probably bullied for it, am I right?)

You are going to change people’s lifes.

 That is why it is SO important – that you reach ALL of the soulmate clients who needs your magic.

You KNOW you are made to be the no. 1 person on people’s lips, the person everyone knows in your industry. Cause what you teach and the transformation you create is THAT good.

You know that you are going to get there.

And you also know, that you can get there faster by being guided by someone, who’s done it before you and knows the shortcuts

You have a life to live, places to see, people to transform and are ready for the results NOW


this is how we create magic

The Ascension millionaire formula

combining the masculine & the feminine energies


1.  The business, baby

I will peel back the curtain on my multi-100k launches + teach you to implement the most effective business strategies used by premium coaches and healers around the world

femine flow

2. The magic

But not just implementing mindlessly – but what FEELS good. Make business fun again! Play, tap into your sexuality, manifestation, and bring back your aliveness into your business life! – Because your business IS your life, and you deserve for all of it to be FUN and give you life.


3. simply scale, mama!

stop doing more to make more money. I will teach you how to work smart by doing less paired with top tier structure – allowing you to STOP the hustling and START enjoying your business and life. I mean.. that’s why you started your business, am I right?!  – CAN I GET AN AMEN SISTER? 🔥


4. You do you baby

It is time to heighten your standards – attracting the people you REALLY want to work with, and deciding only to work with the people, you want to serve. Lke the kind of people who show up, do the work, and hold a really high level of integrity – because that’s exactly how you show up! 


5. Expert help

Get support by the leading experts in the industry – this container is your container, and what ever will help you Quantum leap to your 7 figure business we are going to bring it!

All is connected

1. Body

2. Mind

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3. Soul

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ASCEND yourself to your next level

Quantum leap to your highest timeline & become the miillionaire leader you were always meant to be

This is YOUR journey

This programme is not monkey see- monkey do. You have probably already tried to copy paste a strategy from a mentor before, and found that not everything works for you – neither should it.

I am never going to tell you “this is the only way of doing things”. Yes, I have the strategy, but in this space we cultivate that YOU get to follow your intuition on what feels alligned and is in the highest integrity  withyour business.

The days of “just follow my exact guidelines and you will do great” bullshit is over.

I tried it. Let me tell you something – any strategy can work great…. If it is in allignment with what you are here for. If it feels good to you…. If it feels DELICIOUS AND JUICY. 

This mastermind is a completely personalised expirience – where we help and guide you will all of our expert knowledge, for you to have the expansion YOUR dreaming off. Teach you the strategy and systems, but you will make it your own craft. 

Bring your own magic.

You will emerge from the container being the version of yourself that you desire to be in 6 months time, and I will give you all of my wisdom and invite all of the experts in, for you to have just that.

This is YOUR journey.
This is for you.

From new mom to 7 figure business

in 3 month - The Szoey Freya story

No, my life didn’t just magically start when I gave birth. We can set down and kiki about the life BEFORE the baby, but let me just fill you in on the tea; I did the uni (digital media and design), worked as a designer, burnet out, found the light and healing in supplements, hormone balancing organic food and became certified & self employed as a holistic health coach – AND THEN I GAVE BIRTH. Tada you are all filled in now! 

Up till the point I gave birth, I was going fine in business. Well, in “old paradigm” terms. But, I was also living the work-work-work-hustle-hustle-hustle-earn more money lifestyle.

With a baby on my arm, I had thought that I was meant to have at least a year of maternity…. But then, intuition called. 
She was calling me – HARD.

“It is time” she said. 
“My baby is three months old” I said.
“I know. It is time. You are ready” She said. 

And BOOM, in walks my mentor (I saw a post she did on facebook) and I knew, then and there I had to work with her. And I knew, I had to invest. So I did. Blindly. ALL of my savings. 

And within the month, I had finally owned that I wanted to work with manifestation – and enrolled 20 people into my first manifestation programme. And made 176.000.  The next month – I had created another course. And within 2 months, I had made 1.000.000 – and it was EASY. It felt GOOD. I was doing something I was so passionate about, my clients were EXPLODING in their business, and I was so, so proud and so happy. 

However I soon found out, that even though I was having loads of mojo, attracting all of my people, and working far less than I had before – I still had some finetuning to do. 

Hire the right people. and create a business and offers that is SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE where I don’t have to re-create myself all the time to earn money, but I can actually lean into the systems and processes in place… To make earning money on what I love so easy, fluid and so I can lean into doing what I do the best – teaching female spiritual entrepreneurs how to make loads of money. 

In this mastermind, you will learn to do the exact same thing – make your business SIMPLE, SCALABLE, inspirational and earn you loads of money – by stepping into the next level of leadership, the next level business and next level you.

Just by saying yes to ASCENSION, you are saying yes to

Becomming the version of you, who has the results in your business that you desire

Doubling or 3x your monthly income

Being a co-creator in this mastermind. You can get what you need, and ask for exactly the support you need to reach the next level. This is an individual as well as a group journey – and YOU my love, get to decide what that means to you!

Blending spirituality and business. This mastermind is the dance between masculine structure and strategy and feminine flow, intuition, and wildness. We’re going to use all of the goodness from the established paradigm and break the ceiling with magic!

Becoming a match to soulmate clients who leads with their heart, and filling up your courses or mastermind with the people that are EXACTLY who you want to work with – people who meet your next 7 figure business standard. 

Setting your standards higher – soulmate clients who’s paying in full. People who SHOW UP every time to your teachings. Your clients DOING THE WORK, cause they are at a fucking high level themselves. 

Embodying the next level you 110% percent. That means upleveling not only your business, but your standard of life, friends, living situation and everything that you come into contact with is going to be HIGHEST VERSION OF DREAM LIFE. Integrity, baby. 

Open up for even more clear-senses and develop your superpowers – because being a claircognizant is hella effective when creating a bomb strategy in your business

Being in a mastermind with other high level spiritual entrepreneurs cause ALL of us wants to be fully loved, and have support on our journey by likeminded people who’s on the same level of us. 

This is not just a mastermind. This is a sisterhood. This is our covent.


Josefa Pedersen

Facilitator of Female Embodiment

Before working with you, I was doing it part time. I was very much in my female flow. Before I was having succes, people was always joining my things – but I wanted to live from it, but I couldn’t. I didn’t make enough money to do that – but now, there is definitly more than enough.

My first launch while working together was 150.000 kr. 

The biggest transformation from working with you, is very spiritual and I would put it like this: I now am working in integrity with my soul. Not what I THINK and what ever bullshit we have in our brain. 

Jeanette Elisabeth Ringgaard

Joy & motivational coach

When we started working together, I was in a place where I enjoyed what I was doing, but I was doing too much and earning too little. 

That was a challenge I couldn’t really see, how to solve until I met you. 

You material is so transformational, your energy, your lovely fierceness and no-bullshit attitude, and the COMMUNITY that you create – is something I have never expirienced before. The feeeling of being held is so amazing and feels so safe, both from you and from the entire community within the programme. 

Before working with you I would earn about 40.000 DKK a month – and while working with you, I earned 300.000 DKK. 

You are so good at finding the blocks that your clients have, is what have made me transform so quickly. 

If anyone is considering working with you – don’t even consider it. Just do it.

Vicki Gylling

Human Design expert & coach

Before we started working together I was lost. I wasn’t making any money. I was doing many different things in many different directions and I weren’t really passionate about any of them. I think I made about 50.000 DKK in just over a year, for 2 or three years. 

I started working with you and I made 100.000 DKK the first month and then from then on, I just made the next thing and the next thing and I have made about 500.000 DKK in a little less than 5 months.

It kinda seem like monopoly money, cause I haven’t embodied it yet. It feels like play pretend still, but I definitly see myself be more giving – because I know money comes in a continuous flow.

Amalie Siv

Passion & business mentor

Szoey, you are so fucking badass.

You made my frequency uplevel happen so fast that I couldn’t even take action. Every time I felt like THIS IS IT, THIS IS MY NEXT LEVEL, something new happened and I expirienced even more expansion.

The last month we worked together I almost made 100k – and I am so grateful and I am looking forward to keep working with you. 

My warmest recommendation – Szoey is like an angel. The best teacher and the best mentor – I am soo happy for her.

Anja Busack

Tarot lady & manifestation witch

Before we started working together, I would earn about 16-20k a month. I hit the ceiling at 25k and I was stuck and couldn’t get any higher. 

You call out all of out bullshit, and I know it doesn’t sound flattering – but that’s the golden egg. 
You don’t pamper our shadows and tell us to deal with it. We have so much guidance if we can’t make it out – it’s amazing. 

It’s my business and my life – and my consequence if I don’t deal with the shit, and then you are just so brilliant in pointing all of it out. 

In this past month working together, I made just about 100k. I’m sort of just realizing right now, it’s fantastic! I did this in only a month from not knowing what to do with myself and now I have a very clear plan on what to do. Now the ceiling is just going up – up – up from now on. 

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