Rebel Leader

The mastermind

Where badass & spiritual Female entreprenuers go to have $100k months 

& 7 figure years

A mastermind for you, if you are a female leader who’s here to fuck with the glass ceiling and lead with integrity & authenticity

Have you known forever that you were meant to do great things?

 Do you see yourself as the starseed in your industry, that is inevitably going to create huge waves in the pond?

Do you dream of being a digital nomad, to see the world and buying house in cash? 

Do you believe that spiritual females having more money is going to change the world, change the paradigm and create a better future for our children? 

Then babes, you are born to be..

a Millionaire
Rebel Leader

You KNOW that you are going to make it.

You KNOW that you are going to hit those six figure months. You KNOW you are going to hit that seven figure year.

And you also know, that you can get there faster by being guided by someone, who’s done it before you and knows the shortcuts. 

You have life to live, places to see, people to transform and is ready for the results NOW

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