Collapse time and enter a new paradigm of
Soul-led six figure business, leadership and prosperity

Are you ready to unlock the door to your six figure empire?

Are you ready to claim what you know to be yours?

Welcome to your


Welcome to the new paradigm where orgasmic-like business success is the norm, where signing soulmate clients is easeful, and where leaders bring their vision to life in ways that massively catalyze the world into real, positive and lasting change.

This is the soul-led, six figure firestarter for you if £10-50k months with ease is pinned to your vision board.

I see you. I see your vision. It’s burning hot, mama.

So to get there, here’s what we’ll burn to the ground and let go of inside Prosperity.

Get ready to wave a big fucking peace sign to outdated strategies, the old paradigm, and anything that’s not exactly what you most desire for your business and life.

The days of Inconsistent income are over!

Instead imagine a constant flow of clients, a bulging bank account and more than enough money, to do what ever you want. Amazing right?

Say goodbye to energy draining, non-soulmate clients

& Get ready to learn how to attract soulmate clients who are at your level, who does the work, and do it all without ever blinking at the price. Sound good?

It’s the end of awkward sales and discounting your offers

Say hello to closing 90-100% of your leads, with little to no objections and feeling so fucking confident every sales convo. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

R.I.P Hustle culture  

Inside Prosperity you’ll uncover how to anchor into a new energetic frequency, and create a business of intuition, ease and flow. Exactly what you were manifesting isn’t it?

Bye strategies that feel off and don’t work

It’s time to let go of that outdated, masculine way of doing business and step into the new paradigm where the only strategy is one that aligns and feels like you. So good right?

Prosperity is tapping at your door babe,

are you ready to take it?

An exclusive, five month premium business mastermind for the high level spiritual female entrepreneur who’s ready to burn down the glass ceiling and anchor into six figures

This is not your average mastermind. Prosperity merges spirituality, energetics and strategy into a beautiful step by step experience that will change your life, your business (and your bank) forever. It’s specially reserved for entrepreneurs like yourself who have a strong vision and aren’t afraid to venture into the places that will challenge you and wake you up to your greatest gifts. It’s a fucking beautiful destination we’re heading towards. Prosperity mastermind is for those brave enough to be themselves, and fierce enough to take the path less travelled in order to pave a future full of soul-bursting freedom, wealth, and purpose.

Are you ready to claim it?

I hit £20.000 in less than a month.

Before working with Szoey, I was working part time. I was very much in my female flow. I was having success, people did join my things– but I wanted to live from it, but that wasn’t possible for me.. I didn’t make enough money for it to be sustainable without a side hustle. After working with Szoey, there is definitely more than enough.

My first launch while working together hit £20.000 in less than a month.
The biggest transformation from working with Szoey, is very spiritual and I would put it like this: I now am working in integrity with my soul. Not from overthinking and whatever bullshit we have in our brain.

Josefa Pedersen – Facilitator of Female Embodiment

I hit my goal of earning £10.000 in a month. I am so happy and so proud!

Before working with Szoey I was completely new in my biz. I only made money to go out and have dinner – nowhere near enough to be able to live from it!

The best thing about working with Szoey… She fucking kick ass! She pushed me out of my comfort zone (several times) and I now have such a deeper understanding of myself and my intuition. I honor myself more and I am so much more fearless. I’m a better coach, and have completely let go of any victim mentality that was holding me back. As a result of this I hit my goal of earning £10.000 in a month. I am so happy and so proud!

Rikke Kjellerup, female coach

I wasn’t set up to prosper, so I fucking

Demanded it!

Hey, I’m Szoey, a small town girl from Denmark turned seven figure entrepreneur.

From day one the odds were stacked up against me. Grew up in a tiny town and for the longest time, everyone told me I was useless, good at nothing and was meant to become a drug addict or prostitute. I was nine.

At 16 I moved to the big city. I created my first company when I was in uni. Burned myself out (twice) before reaching 30.

Had a spiritual awakening & found holistic health – which completely saved me. Became a holistic health coach. Two years into the game, I got noticed by an alternative health critic, who created quite the shitstorm about my stance on supplements for immune health. 

Journalists were calling me, asking me to explain myself. Trolls telling me I should kill myself. On my due date.

And then, I gave birth to my daughter. For 90 hours.

It was so hard.
And so fucking powerful.

And I transformed. Into a mother. Into a lioness. And a fire was lit inside me.
I repeated the thought “nothing is ever going to scare me anymore”.

Since giving birth, I have created a multi six figure and eventually, seven figure empire supporting female spiritual entrepreneurs

I became prosperous, and

So can you!

The old paradigm wants everything to stay the same. I want things to be different. Glass ceiling breaking – different. Changing lives different. When spiritual females have more money, we can make a difference. We have power. And it is my greatest pleasure to give power to the women, who are going to help me change the world.

So my darling, bring forth the torch and let’s set fire to the glass ceiling that was put there and create a future where everything is possible, and where you can be a mom, an entrepreneur, be heart led, be passionate and be fucking rich.

Burn away anything that’s holding you back from stepping into your full potential and full prosperity. You’re ready to step into the new paradigm and wealth you were meant to create.

My business has grown literally 300%.

I’d searched for a coach for a really long time, who’s quality matched the results I wanted. I wasn’t earning what I wanted in my business, and I was working way too much. I wanted to expand my business by 50% from earning £5000 a month.  And did I… And then some.

Now, my days are amazing and I have a flow like I have never had before. And oh, did I tell you about my £35000 month? My business has grown with literally 300%.

My clients are SO attracted to me and sales are so easy.

You NEED to work with Szoey, if you want your financial breakthrough. She’s so unique. Can you believe going from  £5000 to £35000 in just a single month? It has changed my life.

Jeanette Elisabeth Ringgaard – Coach

I have created £100.000 just in my last launch.

When I started working with Szoey I was doing okay in my business.  I was earning about £3000-£4000 a month.

I wanted to work with Szoey, because she saw me, and believed in me. What makes Szoey so great is that she helps you find the way of business and strategy that works FOR YOU and not just teaching you a copy and paste way of doing things.  After working with Szoey I have created £100.000 just in my last launch – and even the months I am not launching I have about a recurring £12000 coming into my account.

If you are considering working with Szoey – DO IT. Do it if you are ready for Quantum Leaps, for a six figure business and to be the top shelf version of you – and everything you are dreaming of.

Amina Madsen-Stelter – Spiritual Business Coach


It’s 5 months from now. You’re waking up. There’s coffee next to you (thank you delicious hot boyfriend). You look at your phone. 5 more people joined your program - that’s £50.000 OVERNIGHT! You say thank you to each one of them and celebrate another five figure month by dancing in your living room to “Confetti” by Little Mix

And babe,

it's not just your revenue that will quantum leap, unveil what else you’ll be celebrating when you
finish the mastermind:

Five and six figure coming into your account monthly

The know-how to host empowering sales calls with a high close rate, plan and deliver profitable and easeful launches, and laser precise expression of your brand messaging that feels so easy and fun.

You fucking love and believe in yourself

Limiting beliefs that were standing in your way are gone forever and replaced with a new found confidence, clarity and balance in your leadership that makes you SO attractive to your ideal clients.

You know the exact way to get the result

You have an aligned roadmap UNIQUELY to you – that again and again succeed in calling in ideal high end, soul clients who you love to work with, who LOVES to pay you and achieve incredible results.

Having your programs filled to the brim with soulmate clients

Waking up to DMs from your soulmate clients who don’t even care about the price, and who’s just SO ready for your next programme or course, and having every single programme or course completely sold out

Feeling supported AF

The momentum and financial runway to start hiring and growing your team. Hello more spaciousness!

Leading your business from your heart and intuition

You’ll have new found trust in your intuition and psychic abilities… and a complete reset in the way you energetically approach business and life. You will know that magic is so real, and that you can have what ever you want, just because you want it.

Having a business that fucking excite you

Because you get to wake up every day, living the life of your dreams, working in ease and in flow. A business where you are working with what you love, in integrity and heart led… and earning a shit ton of money doing it.

I know you’re getting fired up baby, but let me tell you more. This is the roadmap for how we are going to get you there.

the prosperity pillars

pillar 1

unlock your highest potential

To quantum leap into a reality you have never lived you must first become someone, you have not yet become. This pillar is all about becoming a master at harnessing the power of manifestation and your subconscious mind so that you become the creatress of prosperity.

pillar 2

Become absolutely irresistible

Learn the strategy and launch system that has taken me and my clients to multiple six figures in just a couple of months. Get ready to wake up to applications for your heart-led offers on the daily. Learn the proven strategic foundations that have been used by me and my clients to make £100.000 months, and make them uniquely yours.

pillar 3

6 figure Soul Sales Mastery

Sales is both a skill and art. And there’s a way to enroll clients in an empowering way so that you not only attract the clients, you also get the “FUCK YES!” at the end of the sales process every time. Master the high level sales process, so you can turn the “I will think about it” into a “FUCK YES I AM DOING THIS” on the call. This is the part where we ground the first two pillars into an aligned strategy that catapults you into a life of prosperity.

Now, I manifest everything with ease, both privately and in my business.

Before I worked with you, I had clients in my business and was making about £3600 a month – but I was underselling myself and always giving out discounts

I worked with Szoey for two months and it was so transformational for me. I have such an amazing flow – and although it was deep work, it was so worth it. And then some.

Now, I manifest everything with ease, both privately and in my business.

My family feels amazing, I am more happy, my relationship is doing so well.. And my business is THRIVING and I am only working with my ideal clients.

I just launched my new course, and I was enjoying myself so much. And I made £15000 in just two weeks. If you are considering to work with her – take a deep breath and take the leap. I earned £15000 in two weeks – and feel amazing. I’m ME now. All of me.

Mette Riishøj Kronholt – Spiritual psychologist

I have made about £15000 consistently every month while working together.

When we started working together, I knew something had to happen, cause what I was doing wasn’t working. I had made about £50.000 in a year, on things that was not making me excited.

Now I am walking the path of the life I always wanted. From having no money I have made consistently about £15000 every month while working together (6 months in total). I am only doing things that make me happy and only work like 10-15 hours a week.

Szoey is so direct. No bullshit and won’t believe in yours either, and she’s not going to throw you a pity party when things aren’t going your way. But she will get you to the results that you want.

If you feel an interest and a pull, allow yourself to listen. I have a completely different freedom now, and I can do what I want. I can see my dreams clearly, and I go with them.

Vicki Gylling -Life mentor

If you are ready and dedicated, these are the teachings that will take you from earning a ’normal salary’ to reaching 100k launches

Without ads, without warming up your audience, and without manipulation.

The Prosperity Curriculum

(Value £11,111)

13 modules filled to the drim with all you need to know to create a heart led soulbusiness, the strategies, the marketing, the launch system, the energetics and the magic that has taken me (and my clients) to five and six figure months.

1x Monthly Group Support Seat Sessions

(Value £5,000)

Monthly group coaching calls done hot seat style alongside your new mastermind besties. This is where the real magic happens as I bring to light your blocks and give you the individual support you need to receive instantaneous breakthroughs and create massive results in a short span of time.

The Prosperity Tribe Container


You really aren’t like most female entrepreneurs, and that’s probably lonely at times. Inside Prosperity you’ll finally connect with the high level tribe you’ve been seeking and together you’ll collaborate, challenge, support, and catalyze each other’s growth in a sacred mastermind space. 

And there's more...

When you join Prosperity you’ll also receive these bonus guest expert trainings to fuel your 6 figure desires.

Social Media Captions that Standout and Sell

(Value £2,000)

with copywriter for spiritual entrepreneurs Rickilee Walls

Uncover how to clearly and authentically express your message so you can support more people. You’ll learn: The anatomy of a high converting social media sales post so you know exactly how to craft a post that gets attention, builds a relationship, and elicits your intended response – and everuthing you need to know to sell through your copy


(Value £2,000)

With pleasure-based marketing expert Juliet Lippman

Where are you hiding? We want to see all of you in your business, that’s what magnetizes us to you and gives us that “FUCK YES!” intuitive hit to join your programs. In this bonus training you’ll learn how to turn YOU all the way up in your marketing so that you call in ideal clients with ease. You’ll receive support navigating your shadows, clarifying your message, and unlocking your authentic brand so your business feels pleasurable, playful, and so much fun.

Soul Blueprint & Astrology

(Value £2,000)

with Daisy Douglas

Create next level abundance by tapping into your Soul Blueprint aka your highest potential and learn your unique codes to master your subconscious. Learn how to instantly create energetic shifts that will allow you to attract and have more.

That’s a total value of £25,000 but you can join today for a fraction of that and receive the support, tools, and tribe to leap to your six figure empire.

Once you learn how to earn just £10.000 in a month (which is low for most of my clients) you’ll have made your investment back in just 30 days. Once you have this skill, it is something you never forget. This investment is going to change you, and your business from now on. It’s only up from here babe.

Join Prosperity today for £10099 payment plans are available

Are you fired up and desire to go even further with a more personalised experience inside Prosperity?

I’m rolling out the red carpet for 5 High End entrepreneurs who desire to apply to a


Priority Spot!

In addition to receiving everything inside of the prosperity mastermind, VIP clients also receive 5 private quantum strategy calls with Szoey Freya, where we elevate your business to a whole new level.



Within a month of starting I had earned £23.000

I created a business in 2018 and this business was just not working.
At all. I felt like I was hustling much more than I was getting results. Then I signed up to your programme – and I found out I actually needed to be working with something completely different, than I initially thought I was going to work with!

Within a month of starting our work together, I had completely changed direction in my business, created my first group course, and sold for approximately £23.000 pounds in less than a month. Many other business coaches talk about strategy, ads and so on, but  your approach of combining strategy, spirituality and intuition has been completely groundbreaking for me. I always thought I needed to have this big plan, turns out, I don’t need all of that to make a successful business!

Aiinooa Tindahl – Moon Cycle & Self Mastery

You're feeling it...

But also - fuck fuck fuck!!! Am I doing it? Should I do it? Arrrghhhh

Once you have learned to make £10.000, £20.000 and £100.000 a month, that’s a skill that never goes away.

Do you want to know why it’s a £10.000 investment to work with me? Because after working with me these next 5 months, you won’t need me anymore. You’ll be so successful, that IF you chose to work further with me, it’s not because you feel like you have to. It’s because you WANT to. It would be because you’ve found out that anything is possible and that you’re ready to take that step further to six figure months.

Your highest self knows that you can have anything you desire. You wouldn’t be feeling butterflies in your stomach reading about this course if you weren’t meant to join. You wouldn’t be here, reading all of these words (trying desperately to find a way out, because it’s scaring the fuck out of you) if you didn’t know deep down that this is the right choice.

In order to have results you’ve never experienced before, you must be able to take new leaps out of your comfort zone.

If this didn’t trigger fear or butterflies, this would not transform you.  The very reason you are going back and forth on the decision is BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING. You are never CONSIDERING doing something, that’s not for you. I mean like, are you considering having a lovely vacay in the north of Russia? No? That’s because you don’t want to. You are not trying to look for reasons not to go to Russia.

If you are still here, my love… It’s because you are meant to be in.
You know it in your soul. And your soul is who I am speaking to now.

Creatress. You know it in your heart. You know that this is the right step. All of those fears are because your shadows want to keep you right where you are. But you and I, we are made for greater things. I have your back. I have your hand. It’s safe to take the leap of faith. I know it’s scary, I was there myself. But it’s safe. And you are safe.

Feel your feet on the floor, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your nose. Feel the weight of all your expectations, ideas, and life pressures melt off of you with every exhalation.

And know, the prosperity you crave, and the vision you desire to bring to life will require you to face this discomfort, and become a new, higher version of yourself. You’ll need to trust your intuition and take uncomfortable but life changing steps like this towards the business your desire.

Now I ask the highest potential of you. The boss that creates £100k months. The lady who has everything she ever wanted.

Is working with me bringing you closer to that goal?

If yes. Let’s go.

Join Prosperity today for £10099 payment plans are available