the masterclass series that will show you the exact steps
to creating £ 20k months, DOMINATE YOUR INDUSTRY and
get your courses completely Soul’d Out

Are you ready to hit £ 20k months on repeat?

This is for you if… 

🌙  You are ready to break the glass ceiling and attract high-level clients who are excited to
work with you

🌙 You want to enroll clients with integrity and free of manipulation tactics
all while having a lot of fun doing so.

🌙 You desire a sustainable six-figure business where
you can work less and earn more

… So far so good?

If you can say yes to the above – then Soul’d Out is for you

This is the most in-depth way to work with me outside my £ 13,000 mastermind.

We are about to get you skyrocketing in your business – and it’s going to be a fucking blast! Soul’d Out merges
spirituality, energetics, and strategy so that you can go from a low monthly income
roller-coaster ride to a thriving and sustainable six-figure business.


And what you’ll be saying too 😉

Lisbeth Havndrup
Omg Szoey I’m literally sobbing right now. This really hit home.

Katrine Venke
This was really good, thank you! And what a great reminder that our clients should only be hell-yes clients – for both of us. I loved the meditation too.

Pernille Rosenkær
Feeling at peace with my true purpose. Just took one step closer!

Marianne Schütze
This was amazing. Thank you so much for bringing such value.

Maiken Bering Larsen
Felt amazing to go through the clarity in the meditation.

Anaya Seraphina
I loved this so much!!!! Thank you.


Let me tell you more

What we are going to teach you

Tap into your six figure self masterclass
Value £111

For you to have results you have never had, you must first become someone you are not. In this masterclass you will transform into your six figure self, to claim this new paradigm of living.

Manifestation, babe
Value £111

Manifestation is finally going to become TANGIBLE for you. Manifestation works babe, but only when you understand the mechanics behind it. But don’t worry – I got you. Get all of the cheat codes to get manifestation to work – FINALLY.

Define + attract your soulmate client
Value £111

The days of attracting people who’s dropping “I don’t have the money”, or ”Maybe later” are over! Get ready to only attract your most soul aligned potential clients who loves your work, would love to work with you and loves to pay you!

Quantum leaping
Value £111

Buckle up and get ready to Quantum fucking Leap to another timeline. No more talking about it – now you will know exactly what I did to leap from £ 2000 months to leaping into a reality where £ 100k months are the norm.

Create + get Soul’d Out
Value £111

Creating a Soul’d Out course – programme or 1:1 starts with creating something that is so desirable that it basically sells itself… Well babe – get ready to create just that!

Intuitive business & strategy
Value £111

If the strategy is the sprinkle on top of the ice cream, using your intuitive skills is the body of sweet, delicious creamy goodness. In this course you will learn how to use your intuitive powers to create the business (and life) of your dreams.

Are you ready?

This is who you are becomming

If you are considering working with Szoey, there is nothing to consider. Just do it!

Szoey, you are so fucking badass. 

You made my frequency uplevel happen so fast that I couldn’t even tak action. Every time I felt like THIS IS IT, THIS IS MY NEXT LEVEL, something new happened and I experienced even more expansion. 

The last month we worked together I almost made £10.000 in a month – and I am so grateful and I am looking forward to keep working with you.

Amalie Siv – life mentor

I hit my goal of earning £10.000 in a month. I am so happy and so proud!

When I started working with Szoey I was doing okay in my business (£3000-£4000  a month.)

I was already working with another business coach, but it didn’t work for me. I knew there had to be another way of business that would feel good.

Szoey had made amazing Quantum Leaps in her business so quickly and effortlessly, and I wanted to do the same.

What makes Szoey so great is that she helps you find the way of business and strategy that works FOR YOU and not just teaching
you a copy and paste way of doing things.

If you are considering working with Szoey – DO IT.

I have created £100.000 just in my last launch – and even
the months I am not launching I have about £12000 recurring
coming into my account.

Amina madsen – spiritual business coach

Let's get you all soul'd out in your business babe!

Without ads, without warming up your audience, and without manipulation.

The Soul'd Out Course

(Value £444)

This amazing masterclass series is going to teach you how to NOT ONLY create the course that is going to skyrocket you to £20k months but also attract (and sell to) your soulmate clients that are just waiting for you to drop your magic on them!

*BONUS* Quantum Soul Sales

(Value: £444)

Not only are you getting access to Soul’d Out my love. I’m dropping my OTHER masterclass series to you – FOR FREE. Quantum Soul Sales is the place you go to learn ALL of the energetics behind high ticket sales, Quantum Leaping and manifestation… Drooling much? But wait… There is more!

LIVE: Get 20k months on repeat

(Value £222)

ON TOP of getting Soul’d Out and the bonus of Quantum Soul Sales, you also get access to one LIVE masterclass with Szoey – where she goes down and dirty on the strategy she used to get £20k months on the regular.

Live recording: date to be announced..
You are welcome.

Total VALUE: £ 1110

But babe, I got you now £222

Get access to the masterclass series that will support you in dominating your industry, creating £20k months and get your courses completely Soul’d Out.



Are you ready to build your empire?

Get access to the masterclass series that will support you in dominating your industry, creating £20k months and get your courses completely Soul’d Out.