9 months initiation


You are the conduit of healing.
You are the Medicine.
You are the transformation.

You know the next step isn't more . It's "deeper".

For the longest time, there has a been a deep desire for you to expand your spiritual world. You may already be embodied, but yet, there is a sense that you have just scratched the surface of what is to be found. You want to go deeper. Deeper, in your own transformation. Deeper with the people around you. More embodied as a leader. You want to walk the talk. And you deeply crave community, walking on this path with you.

I want to ask you - does this feel like truth in your body?
Then I want to welcome you - this is the journey that we will take.

Never before free access behind the scenes.

How to reprogram your mind to be able to Quantum Leap - three video series


Get access to THREE teaching videos, normally only accessed through my paid programmes. These are the foundational teachings in Quantum Leaping and Shadow Work and how those two works together.

We are calling forth Medicine

women and men
of the North

If you come from or have ancestry from the North, and you are walking the path as a healer, intuitive, medicine woman or shaman, you have probably felt one emotion throughout your entire life…

Loneliness. A sense of search for belonging, without being able to find it.

Mystery Schools are the places where initiates go, to come into training within the ancient wisdom  of healing, of transformation and magic of our culture, passed down generation after generation.

But if you come from the North, that is another story. As christianity overtook the landscape, our tradition, our magic and our ancient wisdom got lost.

This Nordic Mystery School is a reestablishment of the tradition, of passing on the Ancient knowledge of The Healers before you, mixed with Nordic Shamanism & current BrainRewiring systems to transform the life of you, and all of your clients.

It is our deep desire to create a container and share the ancient and new found wisdom, so that you can become embodied, and learn tools to heal yourself and others, and create transformations.. That will open up the hearts and bring reconnection back to the hearts of the Women and Men who will bring forth a New Paradigm. A new way of living.


Open your gifts
Go even deeper
Allign with your soul

Answer the calling

You are


You have been closing your eyes, now it is time to see.
You have denied what you have heard, but now is time to listen.
You have been keeping quiet, now is time 
to let your voice roam free. 
You have been shutting down, but now is time to finally feel. 

The time is now to tap into your divine and unearthly powers.
To acknowledge what destiny was bound to you by birth.

Open up your heart, you know that it’s true. You are made to walk this earth as a beacon of light for others. You bring the transformation.

Can you say yes to this

Then this is for


Titles like “lightworker”, “healer”, “oracle”, “shaman” and maybe even “Vølve” holds attraction for you, but..

The thought of acknowledging that you feel like you were born to do something special scares the fuck out of you.. Maybe the thought that you are a shaman or a Nordic Vølve have crossed your mind, but at the same time, you have probably told yourself “who am I to think I am this special”… Looking for signs, for proof that you are indeed this special. Looking up “signs of being a shaman” or “signs of being a healer”.. and feeling like your intuitive gifts are not strong enough for it to be the case.. I am here to tell you, that if you feel the pull.. There is a reason.

You have a strong pull towards developing your healing abilities, your clair-senses and become a master of your own mind

You’ve come to a point in your personal development where you know there is a big shift ahead. Maybe you are in a tower moment, a transition or a void, and there’s a deep inner knowing, that your next step comes from the inner work rather than the outer.

You want to be embodied in what you teach

It is not enough for you to have mastered the modalities you use on paper. You want it to be intagrated. Deeply embodied in your system. You want to practice what you preach, walk the talk before you teach. You know that you can take your own embodiment even further. Commit yourself even deeper to your own transformation. 
This, my love, is the place to do so.

You deeply crave community and mentorship

There is a quiet voice inside of you knowing, that we were meant to be taught by those, who have gone through the transformation themselves. You deeply crave community with others on the same path, who operate at the same dedication to the Work. And you deeply, vicerally know, that as a healer and initiate, you must go through apprentienceship with “the elders” that have journeyed the path before you.

You want to go deep into ALL OF IT

Have you ever found yourself looking at a course on Quantum Leaping.. And then Astrology… And considering working through a shamanic Initiation… And considered a training in Holistic Nutrition… And also Nervous System Regulation… And BrainRewiring.. Shadow Work… Trying to master modalities for healing chronic Illnesses… And Trauma Work…. And tantra… And Intuition Training… And maybe also an education in being a Manifestation Coach… 

Well then you are exactly like me. And this is the work that I have spend the past 7 years mastering through my own initiations, healing my body from chronic illness and going through The Void.. My own Shamanic Initiation. Through my own initiations, lived mastery and embodiment practices, in this education I teach The Nordic Mystery School.. All of the courses, all of the classes I myself wished when I was searching myself.

An overview

All of the teaching days are live in Copenhagen



30-31 July

To create massive leaps in reality, our body must be clear. Taking leadership into your health and clearing your physical container. We dive deep into healing the body with supplements, detox and holistic nutrition.


Mindset, &

8-9 August

How are we standing in the way of us living the lives that we dream of? What distortions of ourselves are we not seeing clearly? Mastering the role as a coach, your mindset & clearing ourselves from shadows and distortions.



29-30 Oktober

Your brain creates your reality. Become the master of your own mind, reprogram old stories and create your dream life. In this module you learn Brain Rewiring Systems to not only master manifestation – but healing from chronic illness.


1-2 December


In this module we dive into the supernatural – it is time to open up to the Other Realm. How do you master the clairsenses? Which ones are you natural given gifts? How do you protect your energy and how do you use intuition as a hacking tool for success.  Understand the different levels of consciousness and how to tap into all of them


5-6 January


Discover the powerful tools of shamanism. Understand the shamanic world view, holding ceremony. Learn how to use Journeying as a powerful tool to enter your Soul Pillar and connect to your life mission. Learn about Extractions, The Spaces in Between Relations, Remote Viweing and how to keep the sacred space. The layer in between worlds.



9-10 February

Master all of the manifestation tools, to attract the life of your most magical dreams, and how it ALL intertwines with the tools you have learned all about up to this point in time. Understand the Physics and Quantum Physics of Quantum Leaping and how to use the knowledge of this to completely shift your (and your client’s) reality.


& karmic release

8-9 Marts

Have you ever felt like there is a Glass Ceiling of reality that you cannot break through? A certain goal or dream that just seems out of reach no matter how hard you try to get it? The reason for this might be Karmic Ties or Energetic Blockages. Learn how to clear these for yourself and your clients.


SoulBlueprints Astrology

12-13 April

Learn how to understand your own Soul Blueprint. Learn to become your own astrologer, read your own birthchart and the charts of your clients, to understand your life mission, love astrology, and how to utilise the tool of Astrology in your business branding to create soul recognition and magnitism in your business.


TheLight and Dark

10-13 Maj

Integrating the light and dark archetypes – exploring polarity & sexuality. Becoming the God/dess that you were always born to be, completely embracing and embodying all of your edges, to become the most powerful version of you.



An nine months DEEP TRANSFORMATIVE inner and outer initiation.
20 live days in Copenhagen with your Tribe that is on the same transformative journey with you.

You will be mastering healing modalities, manifestation and mindset work, brainrewiring systems, trauma work, developing your clair abilities and magic work.

It is for you, who deeply know that you are here to transform the world by transmuting shadow to light, and want to go even deeper in your own health, connection and wisdom.

TRANSFORMATION WORKER merges shamanism, spirituality, quantum energetics, holistic healing modalities into an inner and outer journey that will change your life, the life of your clients and your business forever. It’s reserved for healers who have a strong vision and aren’t afraid to venture into the places that will challenge you and wake you up to your greatest gifts. 

We are the people, who lead through example. We are the Medicine Women and Men of the North. We are the Opener of hearts. We are the people, who will create The New Paradigm. 
We are the people, who create transformation.

We are Transformation Workers.


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I want to bring intimate support to each and every one of you. Use this intimate container, when you are going through a tower moment, big transitions, for intimate support during a launch, or when ever you feel called for a deeper connection.


(value $5000)

Beautifully curated to evolve your spiritual connection, simple strategies to support your feminine creativity, connection to your intuition and ability to manifest your dream business


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Monthly group coaching calls done hot seat style alongside your new mastermind besties. This is where the real magic happens as I bring to light your blocks and give you the individual support you need to receive instantaneous breakthroughs and create massive results in a short span of time.



You really aren’t like most female entrepreneurs, and that’s probably lonely at times. Inside RISE you’ll finally connect with the high level tribe you’ve been seeking and together you’ll collaborate, challenge, support, and catalyze each other’s growth in a sacred mastermind space. 

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1 month of unlimited voxer support

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I want to bring intimate support to each and every one of you. Use this intimate container, when you are going through a tower moment, big transitions, for intimate support during a launch, or when ever you feel called for a deeper connection.